well i read that in a nic of time….

so i’m reading the current issue of ELLE, you know the one with jennifer aniston in that YSL leather corset. well anywho i decided to actually read the articles rather than looking at the pretty pictures thinking how those alexander wang buckle booties would look nice on my foot…ok i digress. here are the following quotes that spoke to me

“When something bad happens, people think they must have done something wrong to deserve it,” she says. “I wish we taught Balanced Thinking 101. Being resilient is understanding how to cope with whatever life throws at you. We need healthy thinking-which is that crap happens.”

from “Be Very Afraid” by Louisa Kamps

“But I think we can all get stuck in how we’re viewed by the outside world-not just public figures. Most of us fall in love with someone’s persona and spend the next three to five years discovering who that person really is. If you can stay connected through that process of raw vulnerability, I think you have a shot at the prize of knowing and accepting another human being for who and what they really are after years of highs and lows…”

“I watched that movie over and over and just fell in love with love

from “About a Girl” by Alexis Hay


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