transitional phase

Photo 28current status….

i’m 22 and will be 23 April 21, 2010


trying to make a decision whether to stay in school ( the decision might have been made for me…)

i’m at a point in my life where i want to simplify things…in all aspects…living with a headache is not the business

waiting to hear back from a person about a fixed gear bike πŸ™‚

***i think this fixed gear bike movement is kinda funny….my first bike after training wheels was a fixie . she was pretty….all blue and silver. my dad got it from someone and fixed it up for me.but i had no need for it after a while and my dad gave it away unbeknown to me. my dad had a fixie in our college park days. my mom had one in her jamaican (the island not in NY) days.when i was younger they were just “those bikes with the skinny wheels on them” to me. no biggie. i’m all for the exercising and the elimination of pollution as much as possible but c’mon ppl. ****

i want to revamp my look…hair color? i’m thinking blue/black…i’m thinking if johnny depp was a girl πŸ™‚

i want to revamp my social life. meet some fellow artists, get out of my hermit mode, but of course…baby steps

i want to revamp my spiritual life. time for some meditation, time for some deep breathing…time to get back to me


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