she calls herself an artist…

she calls herself an artist and is currently uninspired…

the whole school  situation is getting annoying and i’m thinking maybe its not meant to be. and the more i think about it the more comfortable i become with the idea of giving school a break for a little while….

i have all these ideas floating in my head about what i want to do with my art and what direction i want to take it in…i just need to put it down on paper…maybe narrow things down a bit.

i’ve always loved fashion. as a little girl i would make little outfits for my dolls with some scrap fabric and my mom’s sewing machine. over time i have kinda gotten away from that.  i find myself looking at others…and not in a mean condescending way….and thinking in my head how much better that whole look would be if they tweeked it just a little. when listening to music i always invision my future fashion show with the music in the background and my culturally diversed models swaying down the runway.

i’m definitely into designing as technology progresses. i think its ahhh-mazing some of the things ppl can do in photoshop. i like to tinker with it in my spare time…pshh me? with free time?

ever look at an ad and think…i can do so much better than that? yeah me too…

my first love= painting


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