she rolled over and said good morning..


yesterday was a time for a change. by change i mean hair color. gone is the sun-kissed tresses of the summer and it has been replaced with vampy midnight black. (not the name on the box, mind you). and i’m loving it.

on the agenda today…Young Blood Gallery and Boutique internship. Probably just the normal PR stuff. Contact some folks about upcoming events, update the blog, yada yada yada.

tomorrow i’m helping out a friend with her non-profit gig for the arts. she needed some painters…and whadayaknow…i’m a painter. i think we’ll be working along side some models…so im sure body painting will be involved. ill give more info and pics tomorrow.

…oh and not my bike by the belongs to one of the interns i work with. ill take pics of mine soon. its a work in progress…


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