when i become well off imma buy and island and sip champagne @ 2pm just cuz

its thursday and finally had an afternoon where i wasn’t concerned with studying for an upcoming test, sketchbook assignment, or whatever. so i sat in a Tilt Coffee Shop to get my usually iced white mocha with whip sadly to realize that all the lights on the entire block have gone out….so i settled for the strawberry cheesecake ice cream. it wasn’t Cold Stones but it would do for the time being. man, im sooo tired and not looking forward to going to work tonight. if it wasn’t for these bills , i would definitely quit but oh well. you gotta do what ya do.

*random sidenote: so this guy walks in that i know from mentioned job and i explained how i’m just not in the mood for work…he responded by saying…are you tired of making this money?” i wish ppl would stop telling me that. of course im not tired of making money. im tired of working where i work right now. thats just me. i never stay at a place for longer than a year because i become bored. oh how i hate monotony *

ok…so. im going to the botanical gardens this weekend to see the sculptures of Henry Moore. i cant wait. its definitely for a school assignment ( being an art major is not cheap) but i’m gonna make it a date…day.

my new fav artist Sam Gilliam

my new fav artist Sam Gilliam


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