Photo 347

to quit or not to quit....

so its been about 14 hrs being on this darn cleansing diet…and what can i say….i WANNA QUIT! does that make me a quitter. i guess it would, huh? i’m already tired of the taste of lemons and cayenne peppers. i work at my favorite vegetarian restaurant and everything just smells like heaven right now.  and i’m  f%*@#%$! dizzy and i gotta drive tonight. i just want to eat. i’m sitting here torn because its only the first day. the first day of any “diet” is rough right? right?  i keep telling myself “hmmmm squeaky clean insides”…now all i’m thinking is “hmmmmm mock sesame chicken” . who came up with this anyway? probably some damn hippy high off of shrooms….ok maybe thats a little harsh.


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