awaiting my debut

Being that this is my last year attending Spelman as an art major, my major focus is preparing for the senior art show. A lot of what I’ve done in the past few months have been geared towards this. Over time I’ve noticed that my work has taken on a certain aesthetic. I primarily focus on the female form but I exaggerate certain features such as the torso , extremities and hair. My friends have been able to distinguish my work from others because of the sensuous flow of the hair. While sitting in my Modern Art class, the assignment was to read literature on the Art Nouveau movement. Before reading this I was a little familiar with artists such as Gustave Klimt and Alfonse Mucha but I was not aware of the movement they were involved in or the philosophy behind the movement.

So I did a little research and this tidbit spoke to me……

“Materials and techniques aside, it was the motifs embraced by Art Nouveau that caused all the stir. Human, vegetal and animal forms shape-shifted together in a sensual consummation. Partially clothed women with flowing hair flaunted the new feminine freedom and eroticism. Nature lost her innocence and became a wanton, sinuous, passionate thing, an affirmation of youthful vigor and alarming suggestiveness”


I love it!

Kim Xu, KimStyle


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