shes gonna write a book and you aint it

so i put in my two weeks notice at one of my jobs yesterday. it was time to make that move. it was the crazy hours that did it. i was unable to truly focus on school work because this job called for me to be at work from 7-2am….prime homework or painting hours. needless to same i’m pretty satisfied with my decision. …but anywho….over the years (15yrs old to now) i’ve noticed that once i leave a job i always take the time to vent about certain situations i’ve been in or interactions i’ve had with people. basically i’m saying all the s*!$ that i couldn’t say because they were paying my bills……

  • grills will never be sexy…if you own one…suddenly im deaf
  • quit wearing heels that you cannot walk in. which one is sexier a woman awkwardly hobbling along or a woman in flats walking effortlessly across the room
  • if your child screams one more time….don’t blame me for his/her accidental falling out of that chair
  • small time celebrities ( big time ones too) will get no special treatment from me. all the difference between me and you is money….and ill get there eventually

yada yada yada



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