im gettin outta here gosh durn it…

another semester has come and gone. although i’m not exactly jumping for joy about still being in school i’m going to  consider the bigger picture. for one thing i definitely was not ready to be out there living as an artist. this year granted me more time to consider my plans after college. i’ve been able to figure out what learning environment works for me, what type of details stick out in my mind and which one i decide aren’t that important. i’ve learned that hanging around visual artists all the time will drive me nuts and that i’ll never be one of those flowery , head-in-the-clouds, too deep for any one to understand type of artist.

outside the classroom i learned that i need a small closed knit group of friends in my life. i’ve always been the type of person to never to miss anyone but i find myself wishing to be surrounded by those people again. certain personalities ( a lot)  just rub me the wrong way and if i can help it ill avoid those people…makes for a lonely saturday sometimes but less headaches. this year has also made me develop a thicker skin and i’m a little meaner than i remember in my previous years. i just don’t have time for the bs that people want to dish out and accept.  if i’m over you, i’m over you. if you catch me rolling my eyes in your directions…yes i meant for you to see it. i cant do this phony, polite , southern belle shtick…it gets old….which is why the service industry is not for me…nor is having a boss. 🙂

and i must say this year has put a fire under my butt about really pursuing my own business. wont get into detail about that….but know the wheels are spinning.


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