so its 2010….hmm ok. just another day

well we made it through another “year”. i find it ironic that the new year always starts in the middle of winter….when most things are dead. why cant the new year start in spring when things are alive, blooming….and WARM! but let me not get started on the creation of the calendar, pagan holidays and such. for those who had that tidbit swoop over your head….its ok i must say atl is disappointing me with this weather. i mean c’mon highs of 40 and lows dropping down to the teens. i think not. time to pack up and move to an island.

so whats new? i finally moved into my new home. its my first time renting a house and i’m still getting use to having all of that space. but im loving it none the less. my cats…yes my cats..aka my children are adjusting well to the new surroundings. lilo spent about 2 days in a closet while charlie is snooping around trying to find a new hiding spot. i feel bad for keeping them cooped in one room but until i get them fixed i don’t want them roaming around too much. cat pee is the worst.

school will be back in motion on the 13th and i’m looking forward to finishing up. i’m over college and i’ve been checked out for a while now. thank goodness i PASSED ALL of my classes last semester. i really think one of my professors just took pity on me and took into consideration that i made an effort and i’m trying to get the hell up outta there. my senior show is in april. we haven’t designated a location yet but when we do best believe i will be posting that info. i need all the support i can get. πŸ™‚

oh! i joined a gym. never thought i would be one of those to confine myself in the four walls of a gym but its motivating me to keep working out since i’m now paying for it. the gym is 24hrs so i really have no excuse not to exercise.

hmm so yeah…2010


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