considered lesson learned…i hope. no…lesson learned definitely

i am a home body. i always have been. probably always will be. growing my parents were very cautious about where i went, who i spent my time with and how i was getting there. for a girl growing up it was very frustrating (even to the point of discontinuing asking to go anywhere to avoid a lengthy conversation)  but looking back on it i really appreciate what they’ve done for me. i’m sure i was spared a lot of unnecessary drama , especially during my teen years. having said that….my upbringing greatly affected the person i am today.i don’t find it necessary to go out every weekend. i rather not wait in line, wear shoes, albeit ,hot to trot but tortuous for the feet by the end of the night, cram myself in between strange people and constantly refuse the advances of random dudes. don’t get me wrong i love to dance and at times being social is good for me…but a lot of most times i just wanna chill on my couch or a friend’s, watch a movie/sitcom, cook a meal with friends,watch my cats run around the house or update my blog. i think the whole partying thing was flushed out of my system freshman year, mid 2nd semester. its just not for me and when i do get the itch to be a social butterfly i usually regret that decision by the end of the night…or the next morning.  i prefer the “home body” me compared to the “party girl” me. the “home body” me doesn’t have to consider how far shes going so therefore have to consider the price of gas, or worry about eating enough so not to feel the affects of alcohol the next morning (i’m also stepping away from alcohol in general…not that i drink a lot. i think im just over it), i don’t have to worry about whether or not my actions are appropriate for whatever and whomever…i like the quiet me. i prefer to let the “party girl” be shown on canvas.

last night was one of those nights where i thought going out would be fun. aannnddd…initially it kinda was. i figure….two of my closest friends are out of the country lemme try meet some people. i only knew one girl out of the group of giggling females so i was already hesitant in my decision to go out. and this is how the night proceeded…running late, questionable driving, standing in cold line, almost had to pay 20 to get in but didn’t, free drinks (1 & 1/2 bc a little over half of one ended up on my shoes), lost my entire group, bumped into boyfriend’s friends, found the one girl i knew with her bf, lost them again, dancing with myself, found my bf’s friends and hung out with them the remainder of the night, and sometime between “heeeey!” and “we’re leaving” i lost my phone. then end.

woke up this morning….and came to the conclusion that the night life is best spent cuddling on the couch with my peter parker watching reruns of south park

…maybe its just the clubs i don’t like. hmmm.


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