this is what i highlighted while reading creative loafing today…

The state’s cut itself to the bone, says Alan Essig, executive director of the left-leaning Georgia Budget and Policy Institute. And absent new fees and tax hikes, education and health care are the only departments left to cut. Essig warns that school years could be shortened, teachers furloughed and class sizes expanded to make ends meet.

There’s hope that an uptick on the cigarette tax-or perhaps legalizing alcohol sales on Sunday-could raise much needed revenue. But judging how tax-adverse many lawmakers are, don’t hold your breath.

—-Budget Bummer

Not satisfied with gaining the right in 2008 to pack heat in restaurants and parks, the gun lobby has returned with a controversial bill aimed at legalizing shootin’ irons in nearly every public space in Georgia, including local government buildings. In fact, about the only place where guns would be off-limits under the proposed legislation would be courtrooms and jails.

—Freedom for Firearms

By Scott Henry and Thomas Wheatley

….all i can say is…SMH


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