a twelve legged octopus…..whaaattt?

Art Collective

A dōdekapus is a creature made of twelve tentacles, each holding a tool that represents twelve different mediums of art, that when combined create a new organic creative creature.

Our vision is to establish a prominent and accessible local arts culture that sustains artists and fosters a strong connection with the community. Dōdekapus plans to build new bridges to the community to allow local artists to become more involved with their neighborhoods. Dōdekapus believes local involvement in the arts is an important aspect of developing a healthy local arts culture that is both stimulating and beneficial to the community. Collaboration between artists of different disciplines creates something which is greater than the sum of its parts. Through this creative process, Dōdekapus can produce and develop multi-media projects which both help artists develop individually as well as produce work that can be enjoyed locally.

oh the wonders of social media. i found out about this artist collective through a friend i met while interning at Young Blood while browsing through facebook. so i missed the first two meetings because for one thing they were on sunday mornings and i just….well over slept. anywho. there was a meeting last night and i’m really excited to be involved in this project. i think being on my campus sometimes, as an art major, we’re really in this bubble and nothing else seems to exist outside of it…although i’m fully aware of it. it was refreshing to meet up with other artists around the city and outside of my tiny AUC bubble. more info to come as this progresses.


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