we respectively crashed your party….

ever have one of those nights where you wanna go out but you’re in too much of a funk to actually get off the couch. well that was my situation this past friday. i’m not going to go into detail about my funky-ness so yeah …… anywho. its friday and its “snowing” in ATL. i must have been experiencing a slight case of cabin fever because i couldn’t take being in my house any longer. thank goodness for our numerous methods of communication.

i was fb chatting with a friend and i told her how epically nuts i was going to be if i remained in my house. she said come over. i said when. she said now. i said “ok! lemme put on some pants!” so i braved the slushy roads, the idiots whizzing by in their trucks/SUVs, and a full bladder (i was in such a rush i forgot to pee) …on my way to my friend’s. well…we didn’t exactly go out friday night because ….well where were we gonna go when a city locks down with any sign of snow?

ok so…..fast forward to sat. still at my friend’s place. we literally spent the whole day on the couch watching television programs you wouldn’t readily admit to the average person. night comes and we both wanna go out . however, because of the current state of our wallets the list of things to do were limited. but my friend sends me a txt about an art show over at wonder root and the possibility of a party afterwards. so jumping for joy, right? nope. it was more like an “eh”. as an artist i should be out and about and shakin my groove thang, right? i am a self proclaimed homebody and sometimes i think i get in my own way. but after some coaxing my friend telling me she’ll pay my friend’s and i way we put ourselves together, brushed our teeth and headed out the door. best decision i’ve made in a minute…ok well when considering being social.

after driving past the place three times we finally found it and met up with my friends. we walked towards the back of the place and walk through what appears to be a house transformed into a gallery. already there was live music and crowds of 20somethings sipping on miller lite and PBR. first thoughts….hmm i hope there is more to this. and yesss there was. with a beer in hand we walked upstairs to see some art work. the show was entitled the femme fatale show so basically it was a lot of sexy, sometimes scary works of women in soothing or kick ass situations. there were paintings, drawings, photography, and sculptures…oh my! some i liked…some not so much. one painting was of a woman with an exposed womb with a cracked egg in it….kinda disturbing but to each its own.

so we head downstairs to listen to some music. please check out Naomi Lavendar and Allison Weiss . i chatted with Naomi before she went on and i must say i wasn’t expecting that voice to come out of her. i literally cried listening to her…ok not bawling my eyes out but her music is so relatable that it touched me. now days i don’t feel as if musicians try to make a connection with their audience….i could be wrong. and allison….funny gal. i loved her introductions to each song.

was our night over? nope. we walked/jogged to our cars singing…something that i cant recall at the moment and was on our way to Java Lords. interesting folks…but thats the way i like ’em. met this one dude who kept telling me to find him on twitter, facebook, likedin, and myspace…before i even knew his name. music is playing and we’re dancing in the middle of the coffee shop. my bf once told me i attract indie musicians and well im not gonna say the other…so anywho i met two guys (maybe one…i think) from the band The Falcon Lords. funny guys. awesome music. they kept telling us where were the best places in ATL to go dancing.

so. after partying it up at the coffee shop/bar we attempted to find a house party. got lost but it didn’t really matter. the ipod was blasting in the car and we apparently couldn’t have cared less. so. found the house, asked if we could switch out the ipod already playing to ours and thats when the party really started. everyone rushed the living room to dance or what their definition of dancing was. the party was so happenin that a stray cat from outside decided to crash…unfortunately some dude threw it out. 😦  well 3am hit and we figured it was time to go. so we took our curly haired selves to the car and headed home.

so yeah. awesome night. you should have been there but you weren’t. your loss. 🙂


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