pretty ppl all over the world and im one of them…

so the title has nothing to do with this entry buuuuttt i liked the way it sound in my head. i just wanted to take the time to share my bookmarks with whoever is reading this.

my peter parker put me on to this website Cool Hunting. from design to fashion to travel…this site has something for every savvy individual wanting to be in the know.

Emogayu Ceramics found on Cool Hunting

although  i don’t agree with using nicki minaj for one of their issue covers *ugh* i do like The FADER . The FADER is a little more indie and a lot less mainstream. perfect for you lil hipsters 🙂

Frederick Wiseman's model movie on The FADER

if you’re looking for everything fashion check out Refinery29. find out the latest from fashion week around the world to the latest trend for the upcoming season.

Natasha Poly for Vogue Italia on Refinery29

NOTCOT ….basically has everything. love this site. fashion, tech, design, art…it has it all

Sweet Dreams by Daniel Bjugard on NOTCOT

and i cant forget about the Selby. wanna snoop in your favorite creatives space without getting a restraining order…well check this website  out. i personally use it to gain inspiration for my future home.

Elli Rose and Gui at home in Tokyo


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