current status

current status:

well i just turned in all my forms and stuff for graduation. it took me a little bit longer than some but at least i finished ,right? the senior show was a success. everyone received positive feedback and we’re all hoping someone buys our shit. 🙂 i’m at that point again where i’m looking for that next step. i’m ready for that next phase in my life because as interesting as this one was….i’m over it. graduation is on the 16th and honestly i don’t think it has really sunk in that ill no longer walk the uneven, cobble stoned, scraped my big toe in flip flops because it got stuck in a crack of Spelman College. will i miss it? eh. i know maybe that’s probably mean to say but like i said i’m over it. high school was the same way. i didn’t shed a tear. i took a few photos and bounced. why cry? i didn’t like most people anyway. ok…now that was mean to say but it was the truth. high school seem to be about who can fit in and when you don’t fit in…well…you get me. and i’m totally fine with that. anywho…college. yeah.

now i’m getting that constant “so what are your plans afterwards?”  question. and to be honest all i gots is “do a few shows, met a few people, make a few bucks”. but seriously, i’ve made the decision to go for my MFA . now where am i going to achieve this? no clue. everyone is telling me that NY is the way to go. i’m taking a trip there in july so i can get a feel for the city. if anyone has any advice on MFA programs lemme know!


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