thirds magazine

so recently i joined IFB (Independent Fashion Bloggers) network online and i came across this online mag originated in Australia from the imaginations of three different girls; Ella Cole, Carly Rogers, and Stacy Main.

Thirds is the result of three girls slipping into a reverie of shared emotions, consequently shedding light on an idea with a unifying motif; an online publication dedicated to the arts and creative text. Thirds aims to provide both commentary and a canvas for emerging and established creatives to share their work with an international audience, in both contemporary and retrospective contexts.

i noticed that they were looking for contributors and i thought to myself…”why not?’. so sent an email with a link to my blog and website and Carly contacted almost immediately. with a few emails back and forth the final product was an artist profile on their site. 🙂

I’m drawn to things aesthetically pleasing to the eye. I have a quiet
demeanor. At times I will appear aloof and uninterested in new surroundings.
You may never get to really know me  and I’m completely fine with that…….


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