smell of coffee beans…how i’ve missed you

so i’m currently sitting in Octane Coffee *the one off of Marietta St*sipping on a caramel iced coffee drink. kinda wishing i wasn’t so close to the door but anywho. i desperately needed to escape the four walls of my room. its such a nice day so i decided to go for a drive and i ended up here.  that seems to be my new thing. whether its in my car or on foot. i pick a direction and walk/run/drive (hopefully soon my bike will be finished so it will be /bike) and i just go on my way. getting lost also seems to be the new thing too. my last run i ended up lost around Grant Park. everything looked the same and all the houses have those half sun ray things hanging from the front porch.  no matter what direction i took i kept coming to this same blue house. i passed a temple, a pizza joint, a yoga place, an elementary school, and some old man asked me “what are you running for? cuz’ you got my vote!”.  needless to say i’m enjoying this new trend and i hope to apply to my everyday life.

look in a direction and walk in it.  i may get lost. my phone may have no battery life but in the end i always find my way. sometimes the lost part is the best and you can learn the most from those moments.



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