june 4th

june 4th , june 4th, june 4th…..yeah thats the date of my next show. i’m definitely looking forward to it. my brain is spinning from the things i have to complete. welcome to the life of an artist, right? :p pics coming soon…..

here’s some info the gallery owner wrote up on me :)….i’m just now noticing that he said i’m pursuing a degree from Spelman…definitely got that diploma…oh well. you guys know better…

Gallery II


The Debut Solo Exhibition of Tirzah White

Tirzah White is truly a child of the Art Nouveau. Inspired by artists of the movement such as Alfonse Muncha and Gustave Klimt, White prefers to communicate through body language, art and writing. Like her predecessors, White to uses striking nude women with flowing hair to express feminine freedom and eroticism. “They’re nude because I feel that in that state you are the most vulnerable and at the same time there is sense of no inhibitions.” The artist is currently pursuing a degree in art and attends Spelman College.

Both Exhibitions are “FREE” to the public and run through June 27, 2010


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