they’re just dead cells…sheesh

Noemie Lenior

so i’ve always had long hair…various lengths of long hair. when i enter a new phase of my life my hair is usually the thing that changes.

anywho what i love about hair is that you can change it  and if you dont like it…well it always grows back. i’ve always wanted short hair probably because i’ve always had long hair. i’ve done shoulder length hair, middle of your back hair, hair that was sorta under my chin, red hair, brown hair, jet black hair, and a combination of all those colors at once.

now i would love to do the gi jane, buzzed short to the head hair. the only issue with that is a certain someone would probably drop me like a hot potato. so the long hair is staying and the closest thing to that cut is my closely shaven sides.  i just wanna know whats the big deal?


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