a jamaican, indian, and two cities

this summer must have been family reunion season. first reunion was with the Bosticks and Whites in atl (my dad side of the family) and the second was with the Merchants in philly (my mom’s side).** the picture above is actually from downtown philly***

there is something special about getting all the family members together in one area and hearing all the “i knew you at yeah high” (although secretly you wish ppl would stop saying that especially when you have no clue who they are). with the bosticks and whites we all got fancy and dressed up in our best for a red carpet event.

there was a talent show, all kinds of slideshows depicting bell bottoms and afro picks and of the course the prayer….that always seem to last a bit longer than the cousins would like ,especially when food is sitting right under your nose.

now for the merchant family. this year was my first time attending and i must say I HAD A BLAST! **yes i said blast…don’t judge me** i love the diversity of my mom’s family. everyone looks east indian but then they all have an island accent and it seems that race is no issue when it comes to marriages. loves it!

the trip to pennsylvania…a 14hr+ ride with my mom and little sister was fun but i was baffled by the amount of cornfields we came across driving through rural bumblef*&#! virginia and pennsylvania. i’ve never seen that much land set aside for corn ***side note watch this documentary called Food Inc. …this doc will definitely change how you view the food industry if you thought about it at all***

so finally we hit philly and everyone was excited to see us…and all wanted us to stay with them.

Rum Punch on DECK!!!!

great music, a lot of laughter, great company…cant wait till next year!


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