headed to south st man!!

while in philly my cousin decided to show us around downtown. the destination; south street and if you haven’t been…go! On the way i was happily surprised by the amount of murals seen around the city. ***wish ATL would do that**

Our first stop was  Retrospect. Its a nice vintage store where you can find items ranging from full fur coats, vintage baby carriages, awesome boots, etc. i bought a long high waist skirt for about $16. the label read “made in west germany”…made me feel a little special. im not gonna lie. 🙂 i can’t wait till the fall so i can actually wear it. next stop was Eyes Gallery. this place was amazing. from the mosaic walls, to the spiraling staircase and the artifacts from all over the world it was enough to make a person dizzy…which i did but i think it was a combination of indian oils, incense and body heat.

in the between time i took random photos…..

Some old photograph found in vintage shop...

all day i had a craving for sushi…so i was on a mission for some good sushi..on a budget of course….not trying to spend an arm and a leg for raw fish.

and that was south street…

till next time....


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