to spite or not to spite

so i can be a spiteful person. sounds like a negative trait but at times it works in my benefit. if you tell me i cant do something i will try my damnest to prove you wrong. so due to some things have recently gone down….


i will take the GACE test…pass with flying colors

i will obtain a job teaching an art class full of eager students

i will save money to finally get that studio apt for me and my dogs

i will be happy and look forward to work every morning….


and when i achieve this i will blow raspberries in who-so-evers face


ok…now that i wrote it. its out there. time to get to work


One thought on “to spite or not to spite

  1. best of funk on your GACE test!

    self preservation looks different depending on perspective…so, unabashedly, go forth and do great things!

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