and before i knew it is was over….

so my brief stint as an unemployed individual has come to an end. before i could file for unemployment , before i could apply for food stamps (c’mon i know i’m not the only one who has ever considered it) and before i reached that panic moment of “how the hell am i gonna pay for shit?!” , it was over. done. ka’put! good bye freedom, hello paycheck.

don’t get me wrong i am truly blessed to have another job because i was definitely wondering how that light bill/rent/gas/sallie mae (wish you would get off my tits!)/water bill were gonna get paid. but i will admit there is something refreshing about waking up to a new day and your time is your own. not your boss, not your co-workers, and not that morning/rush hour traffic.

i woke up slowly, had my cup of lemon ginger tea, and enjoyed watching my dogs play in the backyard. i committed fully to my art work and for the first time had a glimpse of what the life of a working artist is like. it was heaven i tell ya! just heaven! i got some self reflection in, read some books that have been sitting on my desk, basically i just did some me time. but now more than ever i’m determined to work for myself and say “phooey” to having a boss.

so as i dust off my working slacks and figure out how i’m going to make my mohawk look “business casual” ill keep in my mind that feeling of freedom i had and work towards making that a reality.

Photo by Myyah Uarielyah White


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