soooo i know i cant be the only one that feels this way. ok…so you’ve got the ” i wanna dance and sweat all my worries away” itch. you pick a place. the music is awesome. you’re outfit is awesome….your ass looks great. your song comes on, you throw your arms up in the air “oh this is my song!!!” , and you start swaying to the music. you’re feeling your self…..and then suddenly it happens. some douche thinks just because you’re dancing by yourself then it MUST mean that its an invite to start humping from the back and sweating all over your freshly done hair. *blank stare*


can i not just enjoy some music? must i pretend to not know english in order for you to give me 50ft? who taught you that was appropriate behavior?


gah! ok…im done.


2 thoughts on “Venting…..

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