Coffee Shop Chillin, Blog updates postin

So its been a little while since I’ve posted anything on this particular blog…with everything else that I update on a regular my wordpress tends to get neglected. oooopppssssss. My bad.

Well what’s new with Michelyah? I’ve been putting a fire under my own behind with my jewelry venture. Time to take action and kick some butt in the process. I spent this entire day sippin coffee at Octane  finalizing photos to put up on the shop ( ), updating all my social network profiles, chit chatting with an old friend that decided to take a bus and a train just to meet me (insert “awwwwwww”) ….so all in all…..good day. 🙂

Jewelry by Arunima, Michelyah, Uarielyah

Also I’m almost done with my piece for a December show at Young Blood Gallery!

*small section of the new piece*


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