Unofficial Rules of the dog park…. LOL

Say hello to Lola….my big furry baby. She loves long walks, children, adults, little dogs, big dogs, squirrels, chicken bones,old people… yeah you get the idea. I learned quickly that a tired dog is a happy dog owner πŸ™‚ So as the responsible dog parent that I am , I make sure she socializes with other dogs and work off her incredible amount of energy at the dog park….which brings me to the reason why I’m writing this post.

Dog owners should just know there are some unofficial rules when it comes to the dog park….like really….I was cussed out today by this couple who couldn’t understand why my dog wanted to play.

1. Don’t walk your leashed dog through a dog park of unleashed dogs and expect other dogs to resist the urge to play with your’s.

2. Dogs are dogs….some are more vocal than others. A vocal dog is not a vicious one.

3. If your dog is toy possessive/aggressive…maybe playing fetch with another dog is a bad idea.

4. If you plan on bringing your small kids….keep an eye on them. I’ve seen grown men get knocked over by a crew of sprinting dogs.

5. Don’t let that one yappy dog know you have treats…because it will tell the others πŸ™‚


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