Arunima Presents: Dawn, Dusk and Everything in Between

my side hustle has a side hustle…. lol

As you know…or may not know I love to dabble in different artistic endeavors. For the past couple of years I’ve added jewelry designer to my list of skills 🙂 . I’ve partnered up with my mom and younger sister to create some awesome jewelry. My mom has been creating jewelry since we were little and I think by accident passed that down to my sister and I. Her influences have always come from an eastern perspective i.e. India which explains all the bright colors, use of eclectic beads etc. On the other hand me and my sister have always leaned more to the western side of things…meaning leather, stones,  turquoise …more of a Native American influence.

….Soooo basically we kinda mushed our different perspectives together to create some wearable art. I like to believe we have a little bit of something for everyone. So anywho….yeah. Peep the slideshow for a snippet of our lookbook.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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