I have grown up tendencies….

So its August and I must say I am too excited/nervous/anxious for whats ahead of me. FINALLY, I  get the shot at being a teacher. lol. I came across this school named Turning Sun  and I immediately fell in love with their philosophy and close atmosphere.


Inspired by the educators and students of Reggio Emilia, the work of Howard Gardner, David Sobel and Richard Louv, we immerse children in their natural world and local community. Turning Sun allows children time, freedom and space to test their own theories about the world.

Earth Centered

We are an earth centered school. Turning Sun is located in the woods, with hiking trails, a creek and gardens. We believe that children must connect with nature to form a true love and respect for the planet.
….now for anyone that knows me…they know that this school is a perfect environment for me. After meeting with the Pedagogista, Stephanie Kong, I really felt welcomed. There is a yoga instructor that introduces the young ones to the practice, musicians that come to visit…..did I mention that everyone sorta looks like me and by that I mean tattooed and pierced up…nothing extreme of course but gosh I can’t explain how excited I am…..its also kinda late so words are escaping me right now.  Starting next week I will be a substitute teacher for a bunch of lovable 1yr-5yr….I’m such a new teacher cant you tell?…the seasoned ones are gonna smell it on me.
So….onto school number 2! That’s right ya’ll…I wouldn’t be Tirzah if I wasn’t working multiple jobs at any given moment. The name is  The Kindezi School.
Our mission is to create a nurturing, empowering, parent-integrated, and safe small class/small school environment conducive to optimal growth and self-realization. Through tutorial, differentiation, and student-centered approaches to learning, we will develop the leader, artist, and scholar in all students while instilling in each a love of learning and a sense of pride.
Now I ask you what’s not to love about that? Here I actually have my own classroom. I will be working along with 2 other women for the after school program.
ok I’m sleepy……lol. I gotta get some sleep…decorating the classroom tomorrow.

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