Its been a productive Winter

This winter is teaching me a few things:

1. The hustle is no joke

2. You sleep when the task is done…maybe….if another task doesn’t show itself

3. Keeping awesome news to oneself is hard!

4. Doing what you love is more than rewarding….ie…smiling in traffic because you’re thinking about the awesome news you received in your inbox

5. Patience really is a virtue

6. A glass of red wine before bed….lovely


Ok. So its been a minute since I’ve posted any of my new jewelry stuff and while I work along my mom and sister for Arunima, I have my own sensibility that I want to explore. So Michelyah is now under the umbrella of Arunima. Working for two self made companies…yay! πŸ™‚






Oh and I have some awesome new coming up….in case you didn’t catch that….details later!



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