My life as of right now

Our jewelry line ( Arunima ) made it in Maison de Urbana ‘s gift bags for NYFW, we have a Trunk Show ( CFM Ladies Night hosted by fab’rik/Arunima Jewelry Trunk Show ) this evening and I have an art show ( Esoteric Lore + Neighborhood Gallery present : Trois ) where I’ll be showcasing our jewelry line as well….I’ll say its been a productive week. And BIG S/O to Kenicia Zarie Black for the NYFW opportunity!! woot woot!
….So that was a fb status update from last week. I’ve been kinda slow at updating things as of late. Its been slightly rollercoaster-ish recently. Preparing for these events all in one week had me feeling a little overwhelmed….excited but still. And its kinda funny in a way to have all these cool things going on and still finding my self paying rent late lol. Eh, such is life right? But anywho!
All in all life is good. I’m working in the fields I’m passionate about; art and fitness. Things are progressing in both fields as well. I went from Intern status at CrossFitMidtown to Staffelete! I’m getting stronger, faster and feeling great about myself…..I don’t look too shabby either.
fitness progress

I’ve also been conducting boot-camp styled classes with a few girls I know and I love it! Helping people live healthier lifestyles is definitely something I see myself continuing to do.

Recently Updated15-001

As far as jewelry and art is concerned its nice to be able to tend to both passions. My jewelry is currently on display at Neighborhood Gallery in Kirkwood along with my artwork from my latest series.


So yeah….good stuff.


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