so this is me…

she calls herself an artist…

i’m a walking contradiction and i don’t mind…i hate to be called emotional but my emotions are what have led me up to this point. i’m not a girly girl so most times you can find me in my chucks or combat boots. i’m an expert at keeping to myself but at times find myself very lonely. i have the voice of a 12 yr old white girl i’ve been told but i’ve grown to accept that. i’m a taurus so i guess to some ppl that means i’m stubborn, which i’m completely fine with. i know what i want so there *blows raspberries in your direction* im drawn to things aesthetically pleasing and love finding myself in my art work. currently have two pit bulls who are the loves of my life and i dont understand ppl who dont like animals . i want to exploreΒ  art in every aspect from painting, drawing, designing, fashion, literature….blah blah blah

ok you got the point


7 thoughts on “so this is me…

  1. Didn’t know that you moved to WordPress! Glad you’re hear & glad you added me to your blogroll! I’ll be checking in often. πŸ™‚

    • since you’re on blogger just go to your dashboard and under your reading list you’ll see blogs that you already follow. just click on “add” and put my url in it

  2. Exceptional art work. I think fate has brought me to your cite. I was looking up Klimt…which I often do… peruse the great artist’s collections which I will never be able to afford, but can’t help fantasizing. Somehow it the search fell into your work. I am delighted…but I suspect I will not be able to afford your work either. Again…simply gorgeous…

  3. Ha! I loved your about section. Very fun and charming description of yourself! Makes me want to know more (I’m very similar in many ways so I like that too lol). Can’t wait to see what else you do!

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