Works in Progress/Spelman College/Spring 2010

Artist Statement:

At times I feel as if I live vicariously through my art work. As a person who prefers to communicate through body language, art and writing I’ve been told that I am not the easiest person to read. The goal of my work is to fill in the gaps. I choose to paint women because it makes the art work more personal to me. They’re nude because I feel that in that state you are the most vulnerable and at the same time there is sense of no inhibitions. Nudity also comes with some taboo attached to it. Done one way, it seems artistic and pleasing to the eye but done another way it could be seen as vulgar. I’ve found myself experimenting with methods of staining paper. From using items found in my apartment such as tea and soysauce, I find that they give the paper an organic feel that plays with the curvilinear lines of the figures. Lately I have been inspired my artists of the Art Nouveua movement such as Alfonse Muncha and Gustave Klimt. When researching the philosophy behind Art Nouveau I came across this quote that spoke to me.

“Materials and techniques aside, it was the motifs embraced by Art Nouveau that caused all the stir. Human, vegetal and animal forms shape-shifted together in a sensual consummation. Partially clothed women with flowing hair flaunted the new feminine freedom and eroticism. Nature lost her innocence and became a wanton, sinuous, passionate thing, an affirmation of youthful vigor and alarming suggestiveness.”


One thought on “Works in Progress/Spelman College/Spring 2010

  1. on the hill of castleberry
    adrift in cash collecting ventures, both tasteful and
    fashionably convenient.

    a simple node of opulence
    humming bird styles peters street.

    she a moment unforgotten
    when sprinkled parmesan was a refuge.

    and now to see the blooms of hair
    adrift on canvas, tea!

    an artist fit for educating bongo locks out of me…

    (best of luck @ Spelman, your silence is heard)


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