Womanly venting…..

I know as women we’ve gotten the jobs that men can, achieved some awesome goals that generations ago we couldn’t, we have that “anything you can do i can do better” mentality….i get it……but can I please get some sort of break for having a period?

Not only do I have to deal with the PMS that comes before the actual shedding of my uterine wall but then I have to deal with the cramps, back aches, fatigue and headaches….and then go to work, and be nice, and do errands around the city, pretend that I’m not harboring a wad of cotton like a drug mule in my lady parts, did I mention be nice. Now don’t get me wrong every month I grin and bear it…pop a pill and call it a day. I wouldn’t be a woman if i didn’t but it would be nice to one day say “I don’t feel good because it’s that time of the month” and people give me a round of applause or something…damn 🙂


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