Not so quater life crisis….

I must say…..I am enjoying this point of my life. Things seem to be coming together..finally…sorta…we’ll see.  LOL.  My 12 year old self wouldn’t have imagined myself here….and by here I mean, living on my own with my pitbull Lola, a nameless accidentally adopted stray kitten,  a bf of 6 years, too many part time jobs/hustles to name, enjoying Crossfit and taking a break from yoga well not permanently i still partake in a practice weekly, starting a jewelry business (with two boutiques carrying my line), accepting the fact (for the most part) that I’m not meant to have a handful of friends, thoroughly enjoying being me with no apologies, starting two jobs that will possibly jump start my career, etc etc etc etc

So in short….yay! to getting older….I’m really enjoying it. My 30’s are gonna be awesome! woot woot!



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