Welcome to your mid-twenties

Year 25 is around the corner…I will be a quarter century older or wiser or however you wish to phrase it. Officially five years away from becoming 30 which sounds so adult and mature to the 12 year old version of myself that figured I would have my shit together by now. Life is funny that way.

Here is time where the world should be wide open to you and the possibilities are endless, right? In all truthfulness this should be correct but all the cliches in the world will not prepare you for the actual living and making it through your 20’s. Alright…I’m starting to sound like the pessimistic individuals I can’t stand to hold a conversation with because its always “woe is me, when is it my turn, whats the point”…and I’m toooottallly not that person *rolls eyes* πŸ™‚ What I mean by all of this bantering is that…this IS the time to make mistakes (and make them often), figure out what you don’t want/like, so what you cant figure out what you do want yet at least you definitely know whacha dont, come up with the most ridiculous methods of supporting yourself financially as long as you’re having fun (legally and without harming yourself or others), don’t be afraid to disappoint your parents because guess what they were once in your shoes (they just don’t want to you know that), date the wrong person(s), who wants to settle down only to realize you settled for “crazy, codependent, mommma’s boy, cant fix a car or anything around the house”….*clears throat* ah hem…dude.

For me I’ve noticed that this is/has been a time of letting “friendships” go. It seems that nowadays everyone is going through something…whether it be the case of “I’m not where I want to be in my life”, or “He/she broke my heart”, or “I wish Sallie Mae would get off my tits…dang! When I get the money so will you “……yeah basically everyone is too wrapped up in their shit to really have time for others…*I’m only speaking from my personal experience* . But what I’ve come to realize is that’s not really all that bad. Sometimes you gotta isolate yourself from others to get a better perspective on whatever this journey is that we’re taking. *All I’m saying is pick up a phone every once in a while….. :p* I’ve truly learned that certain people are in your life for a reason and a season. For some that season should have ended long ago but we like to hold on to things even when they’re trying to pull away. Certain people will come into your life right when you need them and the people you don’t….well they will eventually make that exit.

I will say that I’m enjoying getting older……shit sucks sometimes but such is life….it can be pretty awesome too. Its all what you make of it.


2 thoughts on “Welcome to your mid-twenties

  1. very insightful and interesting writeup! As long as a person takes ownership of his or her decisions that guide their life, you’ll be able to find your path without relying on anyone but yourself. And I’ve hit 30 and really found that age is nothing but a number. For me the key is always value time above all, moreso than money for sure. Peace of mind, if it involves a drastic life change, leaving a good job, a bad relationship, whatever, you can always recenter yourself and find a new road that may lead you to a better place.

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